Audio Visual & Party Hire – Adelaide

Stage & Lecturn

Lecturn Hire

Professional grade lecturn for conference hire, speeches, public speaking and presentations.
Manufactured by Lectrum, the industry leader in commercial lecturns. This lecturn features a sturdy black steel frame, and has a felt front. The top of the lecturn has a sloped shelf with plenty of room to hold documents or a laptop.


Small stage hire

Stage Hire Adelaide

Modular stage hire. Starting at just 1 meter square, this staging has a very cleaver design which allows for 1 meter sections to be secured together to create whatever size and shape you require.
The height of the stage is 30cm (1 foot).
Prices start at just $60

All stage hire includes a skirt which runs around the edge of the stage to conceal the legs.
The stage is very portable and easily fits into lifts and through doorways.
Manufactured by Inteli-stage to strict OH&S standards


Intelli stage hire Adelaide

Stage Hire Prices (all stages are 300mm high)

  • 1m x 1m          $60
  • 1m x 2m          $100
  • 1m x 3m          $140
  • 2m x 2m          $180
  • 2m x 3m          $260
  • 2m x 4m          $340
  • 3m x 3m          $380
  • 3m x 4m          $500
  • 3m x 5m          $580